Pioneer LD-V4300D Calibration – Tilt Gain Adjustment


To adjust the gain of tilt servo according to the gain rank of the tilt sensor. Note: The tilt sensor is tested during manufacture and assigned one of three calibration levels according to a colour dot placed on the optical assembly. This calibration step should only be required if the optical assembly or FTSB module has been replaced.

Symptoms when incorrectly adjusted

Hunting of the tilt servo and increased crosstalk due to an increased non-sensitive range of the tilt servo.

Adjustment procedure

Check that VR9 is set to its mechanical centre position and remove the CN4 connector from the FTSB assembly (or set ‘TILT SERVO OFF’ from the service menu).

Check the colour of the dot located near the photo-sensor on the optical assembly. The dot should either be red, blue or none (i.e. there is no colour dot). The location of the colour dot is shown in the following picture:

Tilt gain dot position

If the dot colour is red turn VR8 fully clockwise (on the FTSB module). If the dot colour is blue turn VR8 fully counter-clockwise. If no colour dot is present (as shown in the picture above) set VR8 to its mechanical centre position.

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