Pioneer LD-V4300D Calibration – Pick-up tracking and tangential direction inclination adjustment


Adjust the angle of the pick-up assembly in the tracking direction so that the laser beam strikes the disc perpendicularly (at a right angle).

Symptoms when incorrectly adjusted

Symptoms when incorrectly adjusted: Crosstalk.

Adjustment procedure

Note: This is a major mechanical adjustment to the player – it is suggested that you do not perform this adjustment unless other calibration procedures are not possible due to misalignment!  This adjustment should be ‘fixed’ by the factory and should not require adjustment.

Note: This adjustment must be performed with the player placed horizontally.

Put the player in the following condition:

  • Normal mode (not test mode!)
  • Still mode
  • Tilt servo – Disconnect CN4 to prevent tilt servo operation in normal mode.

Play the test disc and search for frame 115:

GGV1069 – Frame 115

Rotate the tracking angle and tangential angle adjustment screws (small Philips) alternately and adjust repeatedly so that the crosstalk occurring on the right and left sides of the TV screen becomes minimum (if present the crosstalk should be faint black bars between the central black bar and the screen edge on both sides). The screws are accessible through the FTSB module (when the pick-up is around frame 115) as shown in the following picture:

Tangential angle adjustment screws

Note: It’s very difficult to adjust these screws with the player horizontal.  The best technique seems to be turning off the player after testing, raise vertically, adjust, place horizontal, turn on and retest.

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