Domesday Duplicator Hardware (3_0)

Contents1 Electronics design and schematics1.1 Expected input signals1.2 Measuring RF signal amplitude1.3 Overview schematic1.4 RF Amplifier1.4.1 Input stage1.4.1.1 Input impedance1.4.1.2 DC offset correction1.4.2 Amplification stage1.4.2.1 Operational amplifier gain theory1.4.2.2 Gain configuration1.4.3 Filter stage1.5 Analogue to Digital Converter (ADC)1.6 DE0-Nano FPGA1.7 Cypress FX3 Superspeed Interface1.8 Power supply2 Board layout3 Bill of materials (BoM)4 PCB Assembly5 RF Cables6 DC offset Electronics design … Continue reading Domesday Duplicator Hardware (3_0)