Marconi RB2 Trackerball

The Marconi RB2 Trackerball


The Marconi RB2 trackerball (or Marcus trackerball as it was later known) was available as a standalone device for both the BBC Micro Model B and the BBC Master.  The following PDF is the user manual for the BBC Micro Model B version and includes the technical details of the quadrature output and pin-out of the user-port connector:

Marconi RB2 User Guide – BBC Model B (PDF file 500KBytes)


When used with the AIV system the trackerball software is built into the Acorn VFS ROM, however Marconi released both a ROM and a floppy disc to support the device when used standalone (the software mentioned in the user guide is provided on the floppy disc).  Both the ROM and the floppy disc (BeebEM compatible SSD file) are available below:

Marconi RB2 ROM

Marconi TBALL floppy