Pioneer LD-V4300D Tear-down and clean (part 2)

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Right-side slide mechanism removal

Removal of the right-side slide mechanism is a little more tricky as the power supply modules need to be moved clear of the frame in order to remove the mechanism. To begin with unscrew the sync input board from the back panel to allow you to move it to one side:

Next remove the screw in the back panel that secures the side frame:

Next remove the two screws from the voltage selection switch:

Remove the front and rear screws from the power input module:

Remove the four screws that hold the transformer in place and cut the two zip-ties that hold the cabling in place (be careful not to cut the wires):

Now that the transformer and power input modules are loose, unscrew the remaining power module. The left-side of the power module is held down by a small plastic lug. Once the screws are removed you can grip this with some pliers and carefully lift the board up and off the lug:

Now the power supply modules can be slid out of the way. If desired you can unplug the power modules and remove them completely, however this isn’t necessary for cleaning the upper-deck. Next unscrew the three remaining screws holding the side-frame to the deck:

The two metal parts of the side-frame should simply lift out of the player:

Before removing the plastic slide mechanism care must be given to the two switches mounted on the deck. There is one switch that detects when the tray is closed:

and another that detects when the tray is fully open:

Remove both switches by unscrewing the copper coloured screw holding the switch in place. The tray closed switch can be pushed through the plastic frame but the tray open switch does not fit through the provided hole:

The safest thing to do is to simply desolder the switch for the time-being. Snipping the wires is not recommended as it will result in a shorter wire:

Once both switches are out of the way unscrew the 5 flanged screws holding the plastic part in place:

Once the screws are removed simply lift the plastic part away from the deck:

This completes the disassembly of the upper deck. The whole surface can now be cleaned free of dirt, dust and grease:

Plastic slide mechanism disassembly

The plastic slide mechanisms have 4 separate parts. The metal sliders have 2 screws each which can be unscrewed to remove the part. The white plastic parts should be separated from the main part and should be in two pieces as shown below:

Front panel disassembly

The front panel circuity is simply screwed to the plastic of the panel, remove all of the screws and lift out the main board. Once this is moved you will be able to remove the circuit board underneath:

With the circuit boards removed you can continue and unscrew the main panel buttons. The power button can also be removed but take care not to loose the two small springs:

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