The Community Disc



The following image shows the cover page for both the Domesday box set that contains the Community Disc:

Domesday box set logo

Purpose of the AIV disc

Excerpt from the user manual:

The Domesday Project is one of the most comprehensive IV applications yet created; it is also the first to employ the technique of storing both source material (i.e. video, stills, data, etc) and the control programs together on the same videodisc - in the past the controlling computer has executed programs from its own, quite separate, storage medium.

The BBC, who initiated the Domesday Project, wished to compile a modern analogue of the 900-year-old Domesday Book which comprises the first, and best known, demographic survey of England.  They realised that the material that they wished to include would come in a great diversity of forms - everything from tables of government statistics to satellite photographs.  This posed a serious problem in terms of how to disseminate the information given the mixture of media, and it became clear that Interactive Video offered an excellent solution.  By further including the control software itself on the videodisc, the problem was reduced to the collection and collation of the information, and the production equipment suitable for its retrieval under control of an untrained operator.

The Domesday Project information is stored on two LaserVision discs - the National disc and the Community disc.  The National disc primarily contains text in the form of abstracts and essays, along with statistical data and other information on the country as a whole.  The contents of the Community disc are split into two sides, each side covering roughly half of the country (the sides are 'North' and 'South').  Both discs combine still and moving video material with soundtrack or digital data in LV-ROM format; a computer-controlled videodisc player is used in conjunction with computer software read from the videodisc to effect the display of this information.

Introduction video

The Laser Video disc

The Community Disc - Northern Side
The Community Disc - Southern Side

Disc maps

The following disc maps (frame guides) are taken from the Video Disc User Guide:

South Side

Opening film sequence51-1901
Community Photographs7250-16100
Level 0 maps18790-18796
Level 1 maps18797-18802
Level 2 maps18803-19243
Level 3 maps19286-31096
Level 4 maps31166-
Level 5 maps32739-
Community Photographs33266-41454

North Side

Opening film sequence51-1901
Community photographs11810-16100
Level 0 maps18790-18796
Level 1 maps18797-18802
Level 2 maps18803-19143
Level 3 maps19216-30923
Level 4 maps31196-31862
Community Photographs33196-35214

The Community Disc user manual

The Community Disc does not provide its own user manual; instead the operation of the disc is covered by the "BBC Master AIV User Guide".  You can download a copy of this manual in PDF format from the link below:

BBC Master AIV User Guide

Detailed instructions for using the Domesday software including the Community and National disc is available in the Domesday Video Disc User Guide. You can download this 250 page manual from the link below:

Domesday Video Disc User Guide