Logos and graphics



As part of the documentation process some of the various Domesday and AIV related logos and images have been remade as vector images using Adobe Illustrator.  Here you will find the source files for Illustrator as well as 300 DPI PNGs and PDFs of the material.

Please note that these images/files are covered by the site's creative commons licensing. See the link in the page footer for details.

The Domesday Project logo (PNG)

The Domesday Project logo in PDF format

The Domesday Project logo (Adobe Illustrator format zipped)

AIV Logo (PNG)

AIV logo in PDF format

AIV logo (Adobe Illustrator format zipped)

Domesday Medallion (PNG)

Domesday Medallion (PDF format)

Domesday Medallion (Adobe Illustrator format zipped)

Acorn BBC Owl Logo (PNG)

Acorn BBC Owl logo (PDF format)

Acorn BBC Owl logo (Adobe Illustrator format zipped)

BBC Master Series logo (PNG format)

BBC Master Series logo (PDF format)

BBC Master Series logo (Adobe Illustrator format zipped)

Laserdisc diagram

Laserdisc diagram (PNG)

Laserdisc diagram (PDF format)

Laserdisc diagram (Adobe Illustrator format zipped)

Note: The Illustrator file contains hidden layers that allow you to change the disc label to Community North and South or National A or B.

Marconi RB2 trackerball diagram

Marconi RB2 diagram (PNG)

Marconi RB2 diagram (PDF format)

Marconi RB2 diagram (Adobe Illustrator format zipped)