RM Nimbus Domesday System



The Nimbus range of computers was sold by the British company Research Machines and was a competitor to Acorn's range of computers, especially in the education market.  RM released their own version of the BBC Domesday system based on the RM Nimbus equipped with a SASI interface card and a Philips VP415 laserdisc player.  The system was based on the same BCPL software (as per the Acorn implementation), however it required a Nimbus specific BCPL environment that was supplied on floppy along with the Domesday laserdiscs.  There is currently only one known complete system that belongs to the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge who have kindly supplied a copy of the documentation for the system.

AIV Manual

To download the Nimbus version of the AIV manual please use the link below.  Note that this document is basically the same as the AIV manual supplied with the Acorn-based Domesday system apart from the cover and a few mentions of Nimbus instead of Acorn.

RM NIMBUS Interactive Video System For Domesday discs PN 16487

Boot floppy disc

The following zip file contains the required boot floppy disc image for the RM Nimbus system (in IMA format suitable for emulation):

Other documentation

Nimbus IV EcoDisc Notes