The following image shows the cover page for both the Volcanoes Disc box and the Volcanoes disc manual:

The Volcanoes disc graphics

Purpose of the AIV disc

Excerpt from the user manual:

This videodisc, providing immediate access to a large range of images and information, attempts to satisfy a number of distinct but overlapping aims:

  1. To provide some 'feel' or vicarious experience of several contrasting types of eruption through the use of moving images and natural sound.
  2. To provide comprehensive and up-to-date descriptions and explanations of volcanic forms and processes.
  3. To stress the enormous impact volcanic activity has on both people and environment.
  4. To describe the evolution of knowledge and understanding of the nature of vulcanicity over time, including contemporary research into the nature of extra-terrestrial volcanic activity.

Introduction video

The Laser Video disc

The Volcanoes Disc - side 1
The Volcanoes Disc - side 2

The Volcanoes Disc user manual

The user manual is available in the following PDF document:

Volcanoes Disc AIV Manual