Philips VP415 – Modules


The Philips VP415 laserdisc player used by the BBC Domesday project is modular and contains many plug in boards.  Each board performs a specific function (or set of functions) within the player.  Here are the modules organised by their alphabetic identifier.  Click on any of the modules for more information:

Module Description
A Audio Processor
C Video Processor
D Reference Source
E Slide Drive
F Motor & Sequence
G Genlock
J Focus
K HF Processor
L Video D.O.
M Radial
N Display Keyboard
P Front Loader
Q RC5 Mirror
R Drive Processor
S Control
T Supply
U Analog I/O
V Module Carrier
W CPU Data grabber
X LV-ROM Decoder
Y Video Mixer
Z Deck Electronics

Module Layout

The module layout in the player is shown in the following picture:

NFR/Fusible resistors

Nearly all of the modules in the VP415 contain Non-Flammable Resistors (also known as fusible resistors).  These resistors can be identified physically by colour as they are axial resistors with grey bodies.  In the schematics the NFR resistors are marked with a black triangle containing the '!' symbol.

Note that these components are safety components and are not the same as normal axial resistors.  Under no circumstances should you replace them with standard resistors!

Vishay make a range of NFR resistors suitable for repair and replacement.  The manufacturer part numbers vary based on packaged quantity; searching for the following part numbers should provide a range of acceptable replacement parts:

  • 1R - NFR25H0001008
  • 2R2 - NFR25H0002208
  • 3R3 - NFR25H0003308
  • 4R7 - NFR25H0004708
  • 6R8 - NFR25H0006808
  • 10R - NFR25H0001009
  • 15R - NFR25H0001509
  • 22R - NFR25H0002209
  • 47R - NFR25H0004709