Domesday documents

Domesday86 has received a number of documents, leaflets, flyers and other promotional material for the Domesday project.  For completion, all documentation that is not directly related to another part of this site, has been scanned and made in to PDF documents.  The available documents are accessible from the links below:

A Systems Approach to Training - Futuremedia - A leaflet from Future media advertising their AIV related training course
Acorn Briefing Letter - The Domesday System - A letter from Acorn announcing a briefing session for the AIV system
Acorn Viewpoint Interactive Video Workstation leaflet - Acorn leaflet showing the (never released?) Viewpoint IV Workstation
AIV Flyer 01 - A Domesday Project flyer from Acorn
BBC Datamerge announcement - Announcement of the Datamerge software from Acorn
Domesday design - Instructions to schools for creating Domesday (Community disc) articles
Domesday Display announcement - Announcement of the Display software from Acorn
Domesday Enquiry Form - An enquiry form for the Domesday project (from Acorn)
Domesday in education flyer - A flyer about using Domesday in education
Domesday pamphlet - A pamphlet from Acorn about the Domesday system
Domesday Project Information Pack - Acorn information pack about Domesday
Domesday Software Development flyer - A flyer about Domesday software development
EcoDisc Flyer - A flyer advertising the EcoDisc release
Librarian Press Pack - A press pack (from Acorn) for Librarians
Microvitec Laser Videodisc Cutting Service leaflet - Advertisement for Microvitec's laser disc cutting service
Nimbus IV EcoDisc Notes - Notes included with the RM Nimbus release of the EcoDisc
Philips VP415 announcement - Announcement from Philips about the release of the VP415 player
Plotmate for Domesday flyer - Advertisement from Plotmate about their Domesday compatible plotter
Resource Booklets announcement - Announcement from Acorn about the educational resource booklets
The Soft Option - IV Flyers - Various flyers from The Soft Option about their (Archimedes and Master) based IV software
Acorn Domesday Project Brochure - 10 page brochure for the Domesday project (donated by Chris Walton)
Acorn Domesday Project Brochure 2 - 12 page brochure for the Domesday project (scan provided by Jim Hearne)
The Domesday Project Book - Alistair Ross - A book about the Domesday system written for school children as an introduction

If you have any documentation that is not available in this list, we'd love to hear from you!