Wanted items


Whilst we’ve tried hard to collect together a comprehensive amount of Domesday/AIV resources on this site, there are always some things missing.  If you have access to any of the following items please get in touch with us (either the real thing, or a hi-res scan where appropriate):

  • The BBC Master AIV User Guide (from Acorn) – Update: We now have a high-resolution scan of this, but we’re still looking for a real copy
  • The City Disc (the discs are titled the Cultural Disc and the Financial Disc) – We are especially in need of Disc 1 of the Financial Disc set which was missing from the copy loaned to the project
  • The RM Nimbus Domesday boot floppies (images or actual discs)
  • Domesday Data Merge software and documentation
  • The Domesday Project – Survey Guide (booklet from the BBC)

There are a number of interactive video related laserdiscs that we are looking for more information on (especially if you have access to one of the discs):

  • Intersearch Systems Ltd – Auravision Gardening Disc
  • Intersearch Systems Ltd – Gardeners Questions Answered Discs
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Design
  • IVIS Laserdisc – IVAS
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Motion
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Geography
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Challenges
  • IVIS Laserdisc – IVIS The Convergent Disc
  • IVIS Laserdisc – The School Disco
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Missing The Obvious
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Design Education IVIS
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Siville
  • IVIS Laserdisc – Radiation

There are also a number of EPROMs in the Philips VP415 that we would like to collect (and compare to see if there are variations in the released versions).  The EPROMs are as follows:

  • Module R:
    • 6803 – Drive
  • Module S:
    • 6804 – Control
  • Module W:
    • 6805 – LV-DOS EPROM #1
    • 6806 – LV-DOS EPROM #2
    • 6807 – Descrambler
    • 6808 – Sync

If you have access to a VP415 and can make a copy of the EPROM images, we would love to hear from you.