The Eco Disc



The following image shows the cover page for both the Eco Disc box and the Eco disc manual:

Eco disc graphics

Purpose of the AIV disc

Excerpt from the user manual:

Side One of the Ecodisc is an interactive videodisc which brings together a vast collection
of information in the form of photographic stills, film sequences, graphic displays and
data, all under the control of a computer program. It is all abqut a real nature reserve,
Slapton Ley in South Devon. The purpose of the disc is to enable you to experience the
reserve: to see what it looks like, to find out what lives there and to appreciate the
ecological complexity of the area and the problems associated with its management. The
videodisc provides you with the tools to explore and experiment almost as if you were
actually there.

Side Two of the Ecodisc contains a complete television programme called Ecology and
Conservation and will give you a general introduction to the subject and the area being

Introduction video

The Laser Video disc

The Eco Disc - side 1
The Eco disc - side 2

The Eco Disc user manual

The user manual is available in the following PDF document:

The Eco Disc AIV Manual