Domesday 1986 – Concise user guide

The Domesday 1986 Concise user guide is a modern re-imagining of the original documentation provided with the Domesday disc sets (and Acorn AIV hardware).  The 200+ page document covers all aspects of the Community and National disc software.

This document is based on the original Domesday video disc user guide by Peter Armstrong and Mike Tibbets published by BBC Publications.  The document has been typeset and re-organised for use as a modern high-resolution PDF document.  In addition, the original text has been updated and corrected where required.  All the original (black and white) photographs have been replaced with new colour photographs and all diagrams have been redrawn in high-resolution colour and also replaced.

This document also contains additional information about areal descriptions (Domesday National disc area definitions), a detailed list of the video content of side B of the National Disc, a (non-exhaustive) list of the picture-sets found on the National disc and a summary of the VFS commands for laser disc control.  Some of the examples have been rewritten (as the originals did not work with the release version of the Domesday system).  All chapter references have been replaced with hyperlinked section titles and all chapters have been arranged hierarchically to allow simple navigation of the many sections contained within.

The aim of the document is to make it as easy as possible to use the Domesday system.

You can download the document from the following link: Domesday 1986 - Concise User Guide V1_2

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