Philips VP415 – Disassembly Guide


This section contains notes about the disassembly of the VP415 including details such as screw dimensions and head types (all screw lengths are not including the head).  This section will be completed as players are disassembled, so please excuse any missing information.

Ejecting the front-loader tray

Manual ejection of the front-loader tray is performed by pushing a wide flat-bladed screw driver through the hole in the back panel.

VP415 Push out tray manually

The correct hole is shown in the following picture (marked in red):

Tray eject hole


VP415 Drive assembly exploded diagram

For details of the various modules and their purpose please see the Philips VP415 module guide.


  • DR13 – M3 x 7mm (T10) – fan
  • DR16 –
  • DR19 – 3M x 10mm (T10) (same all round the module carrier except the earth terminal which is silver 3M x 10mm and the screw holding in the RS323 module which is M3 x 6mm (at the back of the player)
  • DR26 – See UC2* below

Note: There is also a 3M x 10mm (T10) in the front of the RS232 module (not shown in the service manual diagram).


VP415 Upper case and front-loader


  • UC1 – M3 x 8mm (Philips head)
  • UC2* – 3M x 6mm (T10)
  • UC2 – 3M x 12mm (T10)
  • UC4 – 3M x 12mm (T10)
  • UC6 – 3M x 10mm (T10)

Service manual diagram does not show M2.5 x 5mm screw (T7) holding earthing connections onto the metal frame of the front-loader next to power supply module:

VP415 FL Earth screw marked
VP415 Cabinet exploded diagram


  • CB18 – (UC1) M3 x 8mm (Philips head)
  • CB19 –
  • CB21 –
  • CB27 –


VP415 Remove sandwich


  • SW1 – 3M x 12mm (T10)
  • SW2 – 3M x 10mm (T10)

Note: SW1 are the 2 screws in the centre of the panel, the other 4 screws around the edge (and the 3 at the front) are SW2.

VP415 Sandwich exploded diagram


  • SN8 – M2 x 10mm (T7) with nut
  • SN19 – 3M x 10mm (T10)
  • SN21 – 3M x 12mm (T10)
  • SN26 – 3M x 8mm (T10)
  • SN27 – 3M x 10mm (T10) – Silver screw with washer

Note that, in order to remove the sandwich you must also remove SN27 to release the earth wire (as well as the appropriate module connectors).  Refitting SN27 requires removal of the metal base plate in order to access the connector.

The following photo shows the sandwich removed from the upper-case (but not disconnected):

VP415 Sandwich removed


VP415 Front-loader exploded diagram


  • FL1 –
  • FL2 – M2 x 3mm (T7) (also used on 241 and not shown in service manual diagram).  Screws holding 237 are M2 x 5mm (incorrectly shown in service manual)
  • FL3 –
  • FL6 – M2 x 6mm (T7)
  • FL7 – M2 x 8mm (T7) silver
  • FL12 – M2 x 6mm (T7) – with special brass nut (234)
  • FL19 – 3M x 10mm (T10) holds in front-plate (3 screws)
  • FL28 – 3M x 22mm (T10)

Analogue IO module (U)

VP415 Remove IO module U


  • MU1 – 3M x 10mm (T10) silver at back (ground) and 3M x 12mm (T10) centre
  • MU2 – 3M x 10mm (T10) with 3M x 12mm next to the power connector
  • MU3 – 3M x 10mm (T10)

Note: VP410 has 3 screws at the front 2x 3M x 10mm (T10) and 1x 3M x 12mm under IR module slot.  All other screws in the VP410 base-plate are 3M x 12mm (T10).

Optical deck

VP415 Remove optical deck


  • OD1 – 3M x 10mm (T10)