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If you have a question about this site, or the Domesday86 project in general please feel free to contact us using the form below.  If you have some Acorn Domesday or AIV hardware or documentation that you’d like to share with the project then we’d love to hear from you!

Alternatively you are welcome to join (and post your questions) to the project’s Facebook Group

We also have a Discord server for project discussion Domesday86 Discord.

Please note: You are welcome to contact us about the BBC Domesday project or other similar interactive LaserDisc systems (we are especially happy to hear from anyone with additional material).  Requests for general LaserDisc preservation (especially movies) will generally be ignored (the Domesday86 project does not offer any form of paid-for duplication service).  If you are unsure please use the Facebook group linked above.

We do not sell Domesday Duplicator boards nor offer service or calibration of LaserDisc players (that includes offers of ‘donations’ in exchange for boards).  Please use the Facebook group if you are looking for a supplier of boards.