Philips VP410


The Philips VP410 LaserVision player is very similar to the VP415 but lacks the 'Domesday sandwich' that contains the SCSI/LV-ROM modules.  Since information about the VP410 is also useful for the VP415 (and vice-versa), and VP410 related information will be presented here.

ROM Dumps

The following files contain dumps of the ROM contents from the VP410 modules:

VP410 S Module - Control A 3104 103 68114

D8041AHC Slave-CPU image

The Philips VP410 has an 8041 slave-CPU on the control module (S). The 8041 contains 1Kbyte of internal OTP ROM. The following zip file contains a dump of the 8041’s internal ROM in Intel HEX format:

VP410 Module S 8041 Slave CPU image