The Acorn VFS ROM contains the Video Filing System software for the BBC Master Computer.  In addition, the ROM contains software for the Marconi RB2 trackerball.  The ROM can be installed internally in the Master or, as shown in the following picture, the ROM was available as an external ROM cartridge that could be plugged into the computer in either of the cartridge slots:

Acorn AIV VFS ROM Cartridge


The following zip file contains version 1.70 of the VFS ROM (this is the only known release version of the file system):

VFS170 EPROM Image


A single page instruction sheet was included with the AIV VFS ROM cartridge.  You can download a PDF version by clicking on the link below (scan kindly provided by Jim Hearne):

BBC Master AIV VFS Cartridge User Instructions

The VFS ROM is also documented in the BBC Master AIV User Guide.  You can download a PDF version of it by clicking on the link below:

BBC Master AIV User Guide