Domesday on Teletext

The BBC Ceefax service was launched by the BBC in September 1974 and continued to run as a teletext based information service until October 2012.  During 1985 as the Domesday project was being created, the BBC used the Ceefax service to advertise various aspects of the project such as the photographic competitions, locations for the surrogate walks and so on.

The following Ceefax screenshots were kindly supplied by Jason Robertson from the archive of recovered Teletext pages available from this link.  The screenshots below are those from the archive containing the word 'Domesday'.

National Photo Competition

The National Photo Competition was used to gather photographs used on the Domesday Community disc.

Teletext Page 180 from BBC Ceefax May 1985
Teletext Page 187 from BBC Ceefax May 1985

Surrogate Journey locations

Ceefax was used to request submissions for the locations for the surrogate walks found on the National disc (the name was changed from 'Surrogate Journey' to 'Surrogate Walk' before the disc was published):

Teletext Page 185-1 from BBC Ceefax Aug 1985
Teletext Page 185-2 from BBC Ceefax Aug 1985

Additional requests for the National Photographic Competition (see above) was also included in this section:

Teletext Page 185-3 from BBC Ceefax Aug 1985


Acorn computers (such as the BBC Micro and Master) could be fitted with a Teletext adaptor that allowed the user to download software via the Teletext service; this service was termed 'Telesoftware'.  The BBC made several Domesday related applications available from Ceefax:

Teletext Page 703 from BBC Ceefax May 1985