ld-decode Revision 6 released!

After many months of intensive development, ld-decode rev6 is now released. Project details are available on the wiki:


Amongst the many new features are:

  • ld-decode processing speed greatly improved
  • ld-decode and ld-decode tool multithreading support
  • Direct support for compressed RF disc images in ld-decode
  • Lots (and lots) of bug fixes
  • Improved TBC
  • NTSC Analog audio improvements
  • PAL Analogue audio improvements
  • PAL Transform chroma-decoder
  • Many improvements to the chroma decoder
  • New ld-analyse GUI with better UI and improved graphing
  • Differential dropout detection
  • Improved single-disc drop-out correction
  • Greatly improved EFM decoding with better filters and higher accuracy
  • Automatic disc mapping and metadata correction
  • Improved wiki with more documentation