Acorn BBC Master Turbo

The Acorn BBC Master Turbo is the host computer for the Acorn AIV (Advanced Interactive Video) system and runs the Domesday software. The Master Turbo is an Acorn Master 128 8-bit computer with the optional 65C102 co-processor board fitted.

The BBC Master Turbo

The Acorn Master 128 is a 2MHz 6502 based computer with 128K of RAM. The 65C102 co-processor provides an additional 65C102 CPU running at 4 MHz as well as 64K of on board RAM dedicated to the co-processor.

Acorn BBC Master Turbo internal view

The following photograph shows the internals of a BBC Master Turbo. This machine is the primary development machine for the Domesday86 project and is fitted with a 65C102 co-processor, an optional Econet expansion, the Retroclinic MultiOS board and two prototype BeebSCSI boards (one externally on the 1 MHz bus and another internally on the internal 1 MHz bus).

BBC Master Turbo with two BeebSCSI Prototype boards

Acorn 65C102 Co-Processor Board

In the following picture you can see a close-up of the 65C102 co-processor board. The major components are the 65C102 processor, the RAM and ROM and the Tube IC (that controls communication with the host computer):

Acorn 65C102 Co-Processor board