Test card samples


The following links and RF samples are for tuning and test purposes (with the ld-decode) project.  If you’re not involved in this work, then you probably won’t find anything useful here.  The supplied pictures are simply for visual reference and do not provide any indication about the quality of the capture (as this is entirely dependent on the decoding rather than the capture).

The provided RF samples are raw 16-bit signed integer samples at 32MSPS and are compressed using bzip2.  Each sample is between 20 and 30 Mbytes depending on the contents (uncompressed).

Note: These samples are generated using a revision 2_0 PCB with DC offset compensation on.

Test-cards from Jason and the Argonauts (disc 4)

Title: Jason and the Argonauts – Limited Collectors edition (disc 4)

Disc format: CAV format PAL with digital audio

Test card 1

Jason test-card 1

RF sample: JasonPAL_d4_tc1.raw

Location on disc: 51,201 – 51,450 (250 frames)

Test card 2

Jason test-card 2

RF sample: JasonPAL_d4_tc2.raw

Location on disc: 51,451 – 51,700 (250 frames)

Test card 3

Jason test-card 3

RF sample: JasonPAL_d4_tc3.raw

Location on disc: 51,701 – 51,950 (250 frames)

Test card 4

Jason test-card 4

RF sample: JasonPAL_d4_tc4.raw

Location on disc: 51,951 – 52,200 (250 frames)

Test card 5

Jason test-card 5

RF sample: JasonPAL_d4_tc5.raw

Location on disc: 52,201 – 53,275 (1075 frames)

Test-cards from Domesday Community South

Title: BBC Domesday AIV – Community South Disc

Disc format: CAV format PAL with digital audio and (LV-ROM) digital data

Test card 1

Community South test-card 1

RF sample: Domesday_CommS_tc1.raw

Location on disc: 2,125 – 2,500 (376 frames)

Test card 2

Community South test-card 2

RF sample: Domesday_CommS_tc2.raw

Location on disc: 3,000 – 3,022 (23 frames)

Test card 3

Community South test-card 3

RF sample: Domesday_CommS_tc3-7.raw

Location on disc: 3,023 (1 frame)

Test card 4

Community South test-card 4

RF sample: See test card 3

Location on disc: 3,024 (1 frame)

Test card 5

Community South test-card 5

RF sample: See test card 3

Location on disc: 3,025 (1 frame)

Test card 6

Community South test-card 6

RF sample: See test card 3

Location on disc: 3,026 (1 frame)

Test card 7

Community South test-card 7

RF sample: See test card 3

Location on disc: 3,027 (1 frame)

Test card 8

Community South test-card 8

RF sample: Domesday_CommS_tc8.raw

Location on disc: 3,028 – 3,047 (20 frames)

Test card 9

Community South test-card 9

RF sample: Domesday_CommS_tc9.raw

Location on disc: 3,048 – 3,049 (2 frames)

Test card 10

Community South test-card 10

RF sample: Domesday_CommS_tc10.raw

Location on disc: 3,050 – 3,099 (50 frames)

Function generator sourced samples

The following samples are pure sine-waves generated by a function generator at 250mV peak-to-peak and sampled using the Domesday Duplicator.  These samples are useful for analysing the response of the Domesday Duplicator hardware and for testing digital filters in the decoding process (by providing known input values).  Samples are 5 Mbytes each.

RF sample – 683 KHz sine-wave (PAL analogue audio channel 1): rftest_683KHz.raw

RF sample – 1066 KHz sine-wave (PAL analogue audio channel 2): rftest_1066KHz.raw

RF sample – 6.76 MHz sine-wave (PAL video sync): rftest_6o76MHz.raw

RF sample – 7.10 MHz sine-wave (PAL video black): rftest_7o10MHz.raw

RF sample – 7.90 MHz sine-wave (PAL video white): rftest_7o90MHz.raw

RF sample – 10.0 MHz sine-wave (for high frequency rejection tests): rftest_10MHz.raw