Emulated Domesday system demonstration at Midlands ABUG 2017

The Domesday86 team recently attended the Midlands ABUG meeting in Leicester and demonstrated the emulated Domesday system.  The demonstration system consisted of a standard Acorn Master computer (using both the Acorn Co-Pro and the Raspberry Pi based co-pro emulator), SmallyMouse2 (with USB trackball), BeebSCSI (providing the SCSI emulation) and the Windows-based VP415 video emulator (all available from the project's Github repository):

Domesday demonstration system at ABUG

Thanks to everyone that came by and tried out the system and to Alex Wilson for organising the event.  It was a great opportunity to show the current state of the Domesday86 project and the response from the ABUG attendees was extremely encouraging.  During the event we were also able to take better pictures of the Acorn A500 prototype system containing Domesday source-code.  These images have now been included in the hardware section of this site.

Midlands ABUG 2017 attendees