BeebSCSI 7_7 Released

The BeebSCSI 7_7 version board is an incremental improvement over the previous 7_5 version and is intended for professional PCB manufacturing.  The new features are as follows:

  • Smaller PCB (66 x 51mm)
  • Four M3 mounting holes (fits both Master AIV slot as well as external case mounting)
  • Straight and right-angle configuration (all sockets and headers can now be right-angled if required)
  • Single JTAG programming chain with shared header (between AVR and CPLD)
  • Support for Tag-Connect programming adapters
  • Fiducial markers for pick-and-place manufacturing compatibility
  • All components on top-copper layer
  • Improved silkscreen with better component orientation markers
  • Design rebuilt using KiCAD rather than (closed-source) EagleCAD
  • New microSD socket (provides overhang of the microSD card for better internal and case mounting options)
  • All active and passive component SMT (except headers and connectors)
  • JST-EH power connector to prevent incorrect cable orientation
  • USB to AVR header with required USB support components (to support future expansion)
  • All SMT passives now 0805 footprint
BeebSCSI 7_7

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