New release of the Domesday Duplicator software

This V2.1 release of the software signifies the first 'Production Release' of the Domesday Duplicator hardware and software (based on the existing rev3 Domesday Duplicator board). The LaserDisc RF duplication system has now been tested successfully on a number of different capture set-ups and high-quality NTSC decodes have been produced by the ld-decode sister-project (proving the end-to-end viability of the LaserDisc preservation capabilities).

Included in this release is a completely rewritten capture application which is more efficient and has many new features to assist with the preservation of LaserDiscs. Also included is the LaserDiscAnalyser application which replaces the command line dddanalyse utility with a GUI tool for testing and file conversion. The new '10-bit packed' file-format offers far more compact capture files and can be readily converted to 16-bit for analysis.

As users have reported issues with the Cypress ezUSB IDE environment for the FX3 (which has awful installation support and documentation for Linux) a pre-compiled programming image file is included as a .zip with this release (this can be simply programmed onto the FX3 without the need for the broken Cypress Eclipse environment).

Please report any issues you find with this release on Github - and, if you find the Domesday Duplicator project useful, don't forget to hit the donate button on our website and assist us with the continuing development effort.