BBC Domesday and the Domesday86 Project

Domesday86 is a project that aims to recreate the experience of the original BBC Domesday project using modern hardware and software. On this site you will find a growing collection of documentation for the original Acorn/BBC Domesday project as well as details of the Domesday86 project itself.  If you would like to read more about the BBC Domesday system or the Domesday86 project please see the following introduction pages:

An introduction to the 1986 BBC Domesday project

An introduction to the Domesday86 project

If you have any questions for the project (or have Domesday related material which would be of interest to the project) please see the Contact Us page for details of how to get in touch.

The Domesday86 project is primarily funded by the project members.  If you would like to help out financially, donations are always welcome (simply use the Donate with PayPal button provided on the right of the page).

The following is a quick guide to the various sections of the site and what you can find:

  • Introduction - An introduction to the Domesday project and Domesday86
  • Projects - Details of the various sub-projects that make up Domesday86
  • AIV Discs - Details of the AIV LaserDiscs and software released as part of the BBC Domesday project
  • Acorn AIV Hardware - Details (including technical information) about the Acorn AIV system that runs the Domesday software
  • Resources - A wealth of information and documents about the Domesday project
  • About - Details about the project members and legal information
  • Contact Us - How to get in touch with the project

The project is committed to providing all information, research, projects and documentation openly and a combination of Creative Commons and GPL licensing is used for all content of the site (and the various sub-projects) with the intention of ensuring that the information can be used, republished, built-upon and remain free for all to use.