Domesday Duplicator hardware 3_0 released

This new release contains a redesigned 3_0 PCB providing three major new features:

  1. Elliptic 2nd order filter - greatly reduced aliasing and better overall gain performance across the entire sampling bandwidth
  2. Configurable gain - Design now includes a user-configurable gain setting allowing the board to work with the majority of LaserDisc player models (once adapted for direct RF output)
  3. 50 Ohm impedance - the Duplicator board is now impedance matched for use with 50 Ohm RF output providing better, predictable performance

In addition the board layout has been improved so component identifiers now include the schematic sheet number, so it's much clearer what components are performing the various board functions.

It should be noted that the samples generated by the new 3_0 board are not 'compatible' with the 2_x versions of the PCB (due to the new filter configuration). 2_x boards are now considered obsolete and should be upgraded to 3_0 (the majority of the components are reusable on the new board).

For more information please see the Domesday Duplicator 3_0 Hardware Guide