ld-decode revision 4 released!

A new release of ld-decode is now available from the project github: https://github.com/happycube/ld-decode/wiki

Video demonstration of ld-decode revision 4

Some of the many new features include:

  • Accurate dropout detection in ld-decode using pre- and post-filtered decodes
  • Improved dropout correction supporting inter-field replacement
  • Intelligent line and sub-line video combination (combine video data from multiple disc sources)
  • Improved NTSC 3D comb filter
  • Improved YIQ to RGB colour-space conversion for NTSC
  • Support for black and white only output from NTSC and PAL comb filters
  • Capture quality metrics via VITS analysis
  • CLV time code support in all post-processing tools
  • Multiple improvements to both PAL and NTSC video and analogue audio decoding
  • Improved VBI decoding now provides full IEC parameter support for both NTSC and PAL
  • NTSC white-flag and 40-bit FM code decoding supported
  • VBI auto-correction of time-code and frame number sequences as well as soundmode
  • Analogue audio decoding improvements (better audio, more accurate timing)
  • New JSON library for better handling of large JSON files (especially for more heavily damaged discs)
  • Field order sequencing more robust with sync ‘confidence’ analysis
  • Support for disc sources with reversed field order
  • Support for non-standard discs with 90 degree colour burst offsets
  • Support for NTSC and NTSC-J sources
  • Termination and crash handling improved in ld-decode
  • Multiple improvements to the ld-analyse GUI:
    • Faster comb filter previews,
    • Whole capture dropout analysis graphs,
    • Scalable video preview
    • Improved VBI analysis
    • Improved dropout analysis
    • Save frame preview as PNG
    • Dropout highlighting in line trace oscilloscope
    • ...and many more minor fixes
ld-analyse GUI rev4