ld-decode revision 5 released!

Hot on the heels of revision 4 comes the latest iteration of ld-decode including many new features including digital audio and data decoding support.

Now featuring RalF the RF Chipmunk!

For a complete breakdown of the (several hundred) commits to github, please see the github repository for the project. The following list is a summary of the improvements and new features:

  • Improved MTF handling in ld-decode
  • EFM demodulation in ld-decode
  • EFM digital audio decoding with JSON metadata production
  • EFM data decoding (tested with Domesday LD-ROM discs) with JSON metadata production
  • VITS (Vertical Interval Test Signal) metadata production in ld-decode
  • VITS analysis in ld-analyse including SNR graph
  • PAL and NTSC comb filter output dimensions now more ffmpeg friendly
  • Support for keyboard shortcuts in ld-analyse
  • Fixes (many!) to ld-decode and the tool-chain to improve both quality and robustness
  • Drop-out correction support for NTSC discs with pull-down fields
  • Improved ld-decode-tools MacOS support

If you'd like to help with the on-going development effort please feel free to download the source, ask questions on IRC, join in with the testing or simply assist with a donation (click the PayPal donation button on the top-right of the page).

If you'd like to get started with ld-decode a wiki is available containing the basic installation and use instructions. You are also welcome to join us on freenode IRC on the channel #domesday86