National disc surrogate (virtual) walks

The section covering the National disc has been expanded with a new section covering the Domesday surrogate walks (better known as virtual walks these days).  This ‘street view’ like feature was one of the innovations of the Domesday system and allows you to walk around towns, forests and homes from the 1980s.  The new guide includes screen-shots, plans and real-world Continue reading National disc surrogate (virtual) walks

Modern version of the Domesday user guide released have created a new version of the BBC Domesday system documentation covering the use of both the Community and National disc software and data.  This easy to use PDF based document is available for download and will be periodically updated with new information.  Unlike the old documentation, the user guide features large high-resolution screenshots of the Domesday system.  This Continue reading Modern version of the Domesday user guide released

Domesday Resource Booklets added

The Doomsday resource booklets are a series of 7 documents that are designed as guides for educators when using the Domesday system for various teaching topics. The booklets include both exercise examples for pupils and extensive notes for teachers. There are seven booklets in the series covering Projects and Topics, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Art; Craft Design and Technology, Environmental Education, Continue reading Domesday Resource Booklets added

Domesday86 development needs your help…

So far the Domesday86 project has delivered two projects BeebSCSI (a complete SCSI emulation system for 8-bit Acorn computers) and SmallyMouse2 (a mouse/trackball emulation system for many 8 and 16-bit retro micros).  Due to the open-source/open-hardware approach of the project all design, software, hardware and documentation has been made freely available.  Several people have taken the designs and started distributing Continue reading Domesday86 development needs your help…

BeebSCSI quick-start image added

A new quick-start zip file has been added to the BeebSCSI documentation. This zip file can be easily unzipped onto a blank micro SD card and provides a pre-formated 512Mb LUN image including the SuperForm utility (required to make more LUN images).  Please see the following link for details: Quick-start guide

Acorn Domesday Project Brochure added

Thanks to a kind donation from Chris Walton the Domesday documents page now has a high-quality scan of the Acorn Domesday Project brochure that includes some nice photographs of both the complete AIV system and the system in use.  If you have any Acorn Domesday documentation that you can’t find on this site, please get in touch!

Repairing and calibrating a Philips VP415 Laser Video Disc Player

As part of the recent repair and restoration of an Acorn AIV Domesday system it was necessary to replace the broken power supply module and (after repairing several of the modules) recalibrate the RGB module in the player to restore the picture back to the correct brightness and colour-balance.  In addition, I designed and 3D printed a magnetic disc lock Continue reading Repairing and calibrating a Philips VP415 Laser Video Disc Player